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CONFINTEA fellowships offered by UIL
10 May 2011

To support the implementation of the commitments made at CONFINTEA VI, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning is offering four fellowships for key personnel from Member States. Participants should be government officials and senior specialists in adult education.

As part of their assignments, they will be asked to produce a draft proposal for a policy and strategy framework which would lead (preferably after a broad national consultation process) to operationalising the Belém Framework for Action in their respective countries. 


Fellowships are tenable for a period of from two weeks to two months. UIL offers a fully-equipped and networked workplace and the resources of its unique documentation centre and library. With 63,000 books, documents, non-print media and periodicals in adult education, literacy, non-formal education and lifelong learning, it is one of the most comprehensive collections of its kind in the world. Started in 1952 by the UNESCO Institute for Education, it comprises English language materials (some 60% of the collection), as well as publications in German, French, Spanish and other languages.

The overall aim of the fellowships is to reinforce Member State capacity in implementing the Belém Framework for Action at country level by preparing a draft proposal for a national policy and strategy framework.

The major objectives are to support policy analysis and policy formulation in Member States, to improve advocacy for adult education in participating member states and to reinforce cooperation between adult education stakeholders at country level.

Expected Outcomes: Through the fellowship programme, senior experts from Member States will develop their capacity in policy analysis and in formulating, planning and implementing adult education programmes. Each fellow will be asked to prepare a draft proposal for national policy and strategy framework to follow-up the Belém Framework for Action


Participants: Participants will be selected on the basis of their potential to achieve the aims and objectives outlined above. Candidates should preferably be government officials from Member States or senior specialists in adult education. Their experience or involvement in planning and implementing governmental or non-governmental adult education programme will be of special interest.


Geographical (regional and national) and gender balance of candidates will be sought for the CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme as a whole.


In this regard the selection criteria for candidates are as follows:  



  •  Prospective fellows should have good experience in literacy, non-formal education, adult or lifelong learning, whether from government, civil society or research contexts;
  • They should be involved in policy formulation or in planning and implementing programmes at national level;
  • Prior involvement in national activities related to the preparations and implementation of CONFINTEA VI, or in planning its follow-up would be an asset; and 
  • Candidates should speak English as the common language of the Institute; knowledge of another official UN or UNESCO language would be an asset.
  • Please note that Fellowships will only be granted to for candidates from developing or transition countries


How to apply: Interested candidates should submit a written application to UIL through their National UNESCO Commission. Applications should carefully consider the criteria outlined above. Applications are granted with respect to meeting the selection criteria and availability of funds. Please submit until 15 June 2011.


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