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Fillimi Njoftime Useful, clear and comparable qualifications: a global drive
Useful, clear and comparable qualifications: a global drive
14 Tetor 2011

Brussels, October 2011. Representatives from sixty seven countries, who joined the ETF’s conference on qualifications frameworks in Brussels on 6-7 October, confirmed there exists a global drive to more useful, transparent and comparable qualifications across the world.

Most countries surrounding the EU adopted or commenced plans for such qualifications frameworks, and by the end of 2012 all countries in Europe are expected to have a framework in operation. The conference also concluded that these will be crucial years, during which professionals in many of these countries will need all the support they can get from an international community of colleagues. Mr Gordon Clark of the European Commission summarised: „There is no ideal model. Each NQF model has its own context and derived merits. There are certainly elements, such as coordination and communication, and stages that are common in most scenarios but the process is never completed and therefore international transparency on the different experiences is essential.“ Pierre Mairesse, director at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education and Culture, warned that what we have developed in Europe in the past years is largely institutional changes. He said: „Although we are entering a new phase now, where relations between sub-systems, cooperation between countries and the transition from education to work are growing in importance, this is all still fairly institutional. We need an impact on the ground now. We need to disseminate the qualifications frameworks principles for use by providers and users of qualifications. We need an impact on individuals.“


(Source: ETF)