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Fillimi Njoftime EY 2012 thematic year website open
EY 2012 thematic year website open
21 Tetor 2011

2012 is the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. It seeks to raise awareness of the issues and the best ways of dealing with them. But most of all it seeks to encourage all policymakers and stakeholders to set goals and take action to meet them. 2012 should go beyond debating; it should start bringing tangible results. The challenge for politicians and stakeholders will be to improve opportunities for active ageing in general and for living independently, acting in areas as diverse as employment, health care, social services, adult learning, volunteering, housing, IT services or transport. The web site is now open and offers links, calendar of events, closer look to initiatives and other means of getting involved.


(Source EAEA)