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Fillimi Njoftime Albania builds intelligence on SME skills
Albania builds intelligence on SME skills
04 Nandor 2011

With the EU pre-accession region undergoing progress reviews on the European Small Business Act (SBA), Albania’s efforts to promote SME skills highlights innovative efforts in building policy intelligence on enterprise skills. The development of a computerized survey instrument targeting Albania’s small business community caught the eye of an ETF team which visited Tirana last week to undertake an assessment of the SBA human capital dimensions. „The better the intelligence on SME training needs, the more relevant the training offer,“ says Ms Evelyn Viertel the ETF’s country manager and lead expert on the Torino Process. In response to the ETF’s 2009 assessment and recommendations for development of a more systematic enterprise intelligence, the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) elaborated a computerized survey tool which allows for data from businesses to easily inserted, making for a cost-effective data development drive.