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Fillimi Njoftime 20th anniversary of Slovenian Institute for Adult Education
20th anniversary of Slovenian Institute for Adult Education
29 Qershor 2012

During the last 20 years of systematic and professional work SIAE became an high-quality, flexible,  responsive system of adult education with a deep understanding of the field, an indispensable partner within the adult education network in Slovenia.

It is a great practice example to many other countries but now heavily affected by Government prediction of consolidation of different systems into a whole again. It is uncertain how will the loss of independence influence the work of the Institute. However, SIAE staff is still optimistic and they continue with their work. The data on offer for adults 2011/2012 in the country was collected and analysed. The results are set out in the annual report  and they  are also available as an online review which includes the majority of providers in adult education. In 2012 the SIAE  initiates a pilot project that represents an enhancement of the awards presented for developing quality in adult education. This involves the implementation of expert external evaluation and organisations that decide to participate will be able to obtain external feedback on the quality of their work in specific areas, as well as recommendations for further development.

Source: e-Novicke http://arhiv.acs.si/e-novicke/2012/Spring.pdf