dvv international in South East Europe
Fillimi Njoftime 4th Andragogical Regional Academy in SEE (ARA)
4th Andragogical Regional Academy in SEE (ARA)
18 Shtator 2012

The fourth ARA, organised by dvv international and the serbian Adult Education Society, will take place in October in Belgrade.

After the previous academies were dealing with management in adult education, programme development etc., this one will consider the need for establishment of education system for elderly as an integral part of the concept of lifelong learning. Since 2012 is the European year of active aging and intergenerational solidarity we should bear in mind that education can provide better chances for employment, active participation in society and independence of elderly. In order to create a best possible learning environment for elderly the participants of the academy will acquire knowledge on: objectives and functions of education of elderly; sociological and psychological characteristics of elderly; didactical and methodological approach in educational work with elderly; specificity of diverse roles in educational work with elderly. Furthermore the participants will be enabled: to distinguish prejudices and facts concerning age and aging; to create educational contents in accordance with the needs of elderly; to provide support in the educational process; to successfully apply methods of communication with older persons; to plan educational work with elderly.