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Fillimi Njoftime Younger Staff Training 2012
Younger Staff Training 2012
05 Nandor 2012

The Grundtvig In-Service training "European Adult Education and Lifelong Learning - Introduction for the younger staff", organised and hosted by EAEA, took place in Brussels during 15-19 October 2012.

The group of participants was composed by young adult education professionals from four EU countries (Germany, Portugal, Sweden and United Kingdom), three candidate countries (Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey) and four neighbouring countries (Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia).  A fundamental part of the training consisted of a mutual learning within the group, guided by the EAEA Secretariat. Participants exchanged their experiences on different situations at a national level and shared good practices undertaken by their organisations which allowed them to identify common challenges of the adult education field and analyse possible ways of proceeding in facing them. In-depth discussions were dedicated to adult education in times of economic crisis. Methods and tools used in lobbying for adult education were also examined. Some of the conclusions were: to develop cooperation between NGOs dealing with adult education on local and national level; to conduct research on educational needs and job options on local and national level; to develop and improve partnership with private sector; to improve communication with legislation bodies etc. (Source EAEA)