dvv international in South East Europe

In December 2009, the 6th CONFINTEA conference on adult education was held. The goal of CONFINTEA VI was (and still is) to strengthen the idea of "living and learning for a viable future; the power of adult learning". In order to achieve this goal, several global recommendations have been made together with a list of guidelines for organizations and institutions active in the field of adult education. The document containing the guidelines and recommendations on issues such as adult literacy, policy, governance, financing, participation, inclusion, equity and quality was given the name "Belém Framework for Action".

Although the Belém Framework for Action has been praised for its coverage of a wide range of issues, it also has been subject to points of criticism. The main concern that was raised in public discussions was the claim of the Belém Framework for Action being too global. In other words, the guidelines and recommendations should be focused and implemented on regional and national levels.

Bearing that in mind, CONFINTEA VI in Action has been set up with the purpose of making the Belém Framework in Action more visible, dynamical and accessible for organizations and people active in the field of adult education in South Eastern Europe. It can be seen as a translation of the global Belém Framework for Action guidelines into a more approachable South Eastern European version of what to do in order to improve Lifelong Learning in the region.

An other issue of concern is the fact that adult education and Lifelong Learning still struggle with the image of being something only for older, bored, people. Therefore, CONFINTEA VI in Action also aims to promote the perception of adult education and Lifelong Learning as dynamical concepts, being a process of learning and personal development that is going on from day to day throughout a persons' entire life.