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Virtual exchange „Post-2015 International Education Agenda“
07 June 2012

ICAE launched the virtual exchange between 4 and 12 June among all ICAE members, in order to start a global discussion in relation to the achievements, challenges and the future of Education for All, with a view to the approaching EFA and MDG target date of 2015 and how to shape the post-2015 international education agenda. The exchange will be in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French. (Source ICAE)

For more information please follow the link http://www.icae2.org/


OECD launches Skills Strategy
21 May 2012

This new initiative is aimed to help governments build economic resilience, boost employment and reinforce social cohesion. OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría, said: "Skills have become the global currency of 21st Century economies ... They transform lives and drive economies. Governments must invest more effectively in the education and skills that people will need in tomorrow's workplace ... Achieving this is everyone's business, and employers and unions have a central role to play." (Source OECD)


EAEA General Assembly 2012
21 May 2012

The participants from a majority of EAEA member countries attended the meeting in Vienna on may 2. The Assembly approved the work report of 2012, the financial report, the budget and the work plan for 2012, as well as a number of new members from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Ukraine. The projects Potters Wheel from Tajikistan and Moving Stories and Generations from Germany were awarded the Grundtvig Award 2012.

National Progress Reports on Adult Education submitted
25 April 2012

National reports submitted by the UNESCO member states are aimed to provide data on development of adult education, literacy and key challenges in this area. The informations will be comprised in the GRALE – Global Report on Adult Learning and Education which  should be updated every three years, according to recommendationes in the Belém Framework for Action.  Since 2012 denotes the end of the UN Literacy Decade, both National reports and the GRALE will also focus on adult literacy.  To read the reports please follow the link below


Inclusive Education: Policymakers and Experts meet in Tirana
13 April 2012

The ETF's network of inclusive education policymakers, practitioners and experts from the Western Balkan countries, Turkey, Israel, and EU Member States held a two-day conference in the Albanian capital Tirana on 15 and 16 March 2012. The multi-country project on social inclusion through education and training (2007-2011) is the major ETF intervention implemented in this thematic area.  It aims to provide evidence and promote the role of VET policy and systems for combating social inclusion and for contributing to building more inclusive societies. Read full article at:



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