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Outcomes second online discussion

Is the Strategy (including the Monitoring Matrix) comprehensive and coherent? Which relevant components and/or procedural steps are missing?

All in all, the Monitoring Matrix was felt to be a good reference for countries to plan, implement and monitor adult education policies and programmes. There is general agreement that the Matrix is coherent and comprehensive in terms of scope and depth.


First regional follow-up meeting to take place in Mexico

Mexico is preparing to host the first regional post-CONFINTEA VI meeting in May 2011 to take stock of the implementation of the Belém Framework.This regional follow-up meeting will also open the door for stakeholders to start cooperation projects in order to exchange good practice and initiate common approaches and data collection.

Outcomes third online discussion

What other relevant answers or sources of information (other than the ones mentioned in the matrix) could help to monitor progress at national and international levels? What sources of information exist in addition to the national reports? How can UNESCO support Member States and stakeholders to improve monitoring in adult literacy and adult education?

Most of the contributions focused on identifying concrete sources of information to monitor progress in adult literacy and adult education at national and international levels, in addition to


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